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Big Wings IT Solutions

BWGS is a world-class software business solutions provider building web, mobile & enterprise portals.

Web Applications
We specialize in building scalable architecture for web based applications.
Mobile Apps
Mobile applications for Android and iOS.We build native mobile apps.
Enterprise Portals
We offer affordable and robust enterprise solutions for SMEs.
We offers the most affordable shopping cart solutions to ensure your success online.
Our proven marketing strategies and optimized solutions help your website to get a higher rank on the search engines
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence services by developing portable applications which run on several platforms.

Modern. Creative. Unique.

We build software for various purposes to help enterprises manage their human resources, financial records, production lines, workflow, supply chain, and manufacturing. We offer customer oriented products after a thorough analysis of customers interactions and behaviours using up to date User Experience (UX) tools and techniques. Moreover, we help building, developing and testing Customer Relations Management (CRM) modules to bring businesses closer to their customers. We build our solutions around our customers based on our agile programming approach.

Business Workflow Automation

Automate your business processes for faster response time, accurate decisions, cross-departments insights, customer support and multiply your revenues.


We've built software solutions for businesses, start-ups & SMEs

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Quantum Computation … is a distinctively new way of harnessing nature. It will be the first technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in collaboration between parallel universes
David Deutsch

Many companies are working on quantum computing technology, including Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), IBM (IBM), Microsoft (MSFT), and defense contractor Lockheed Martin (LMT).
CNN Tech

This doesn't mean we will be perfectly safe online, or entering an era of unbreakable online security, but great areas of potential cybervulnerability, such as credit card transactions, databases and every form of electronic communication, could potentially be plugged by quantum encryption.
Michele Mosca
The Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, Ontario.